AirPods Max condensation affects more users — Apple yet to respond

AirPods Max Condensation
(Image credit: Donald Filimon/Twitter)

AirPods Max owners are continuing to find condensation forming in their $549 headphones, weeks after the issue was first discovered.

Reports of the moisture building up over time first appeared soon after the AirPods Max released in December, and users on the Macrumors forums have found condensation in newer units too. Apple has yet to respond, even though one user reports that the moisture is interfering with the headphones' active noise cancellation.

All headphones are subjected to the humid environment of the human ear, but the AirPods Pro may be especially susceptible because they're made of aluminum, which is more thermally conductive than plastic. Because the AirPods Max sit close to the ear, separated only by $69 air cushions, walking around the neighborhood on a cold day can easily build up condensation.

In most cases, some added airflow could remedy this. But in the case of headphones, especially noise cancelling ones, a tight seal needs to be made around the ear. The combination of cold aluminum, body heat, and an enclosed space is the perfect environment for moisture buildup.

Users on Twitter have gone out of their way to prove that they're in relatively cold environments and not in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. 

Apple began selling the AirPods Max on December 15 of last year. YouTuber Techkhamun posted on Twitter six hours after getting his pair of condensation buildup. 

Tom's Guide contacted Apple when the condensation issue first became widespread, and we've yet to receive a reply. We'll update this article should Apple address the user reports in any way.

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