Dyson's revolutionary Airstrait wet-to-dry hair straightener is finally launching in Australia — and I can't wait to try it

Woman holding Dyson Airstrait
(Image credit: Dyson)

Following the release of the Supersonic Nural hair dryer earlier this year, Dyson has officially launched the Dyson Airstrait in Australia today — a release that's been a long time coming for Dyson hair care fans. 

Since launching the innovative hair straightener in the US and UK over the past year, the company has marketed the product as time-efficient with no heat plates, claiming that it'll dry and straighten wet hair in 25% less time without heat damage. 

Dyson's chief engineer and founder, James Dyson said it was important to deliver "the ease-of-use that people love about straighteners but with high-velocity air blades", explaining that it "saves time, maintains hair strength and achieves an everyday natural straight style."

The styler was specifically designed to create a 45° angled high-pressure blade of air through the device's arms, which is forced downwards to simultaneously dry and style hair. Along the arms of the machine are two 1.5mm apertures which converge to release the air and help align strands for a shiny finish.

Wet and dry styling

Among the Airstrait's most standout features are its wet and dry styling modes, which will not only elevate styling time but quicken the process by allowing users to straighten their tresses from wet to naturally straight and dry in no time. 

Thanks to Dyson engineering, the styler comes with three optimised modes — wet, dry and cool — each with different temperature settings, and two airflow settings — high and low. The wet and dry settings are pre-set with specific heat and airflow combinations for best results, however, these settings are completely customisable. 

In 'wet' mode, you can choose between three heat settings: low heat (80°C), medium heat (110°C), and high heat (140°C), while in ‘dry’ mode, you can choose between medium (120°C) or high heat (140°C) or a top-up "boost" of air. You can also use a 'cool' shot to set your style or activate a root drying mode too. 

Airstrait specs, price and availability

Woman using Dyson Airstrait

(Image credit: Dyson)

Like other Dyson Hair Care devices — including the Supersonic hair dryer and the AirWrap  — the Airstrait is also powered by a Hyperdymium motor, which is light and compact enough to fit inside the handle of the machine and generate enough airflow to dry and straighten hair. The motor itself generates up to 3.5kPa of air pressure, which is a pretty mean feat. 

Moreover, the Airstrait features intelligent heat control by using Glass bead thermistors to regulate the temperature of airflow to prevent heat damage. However, this smart heat control is not to be confused with the heat settings found in the Supersonic Nural, which uses a time-of-flight sensor to keep the dryer at an optimal temperature when the dryer is close to the scalp. 

The Dyson Airstrait will debut in an exclusive colourway — Prussian Blue / Rich Copper — on the Dyson Australia website, similar to the Dyson Corrale. We have seen it in another colourway — Iron / Rich Copper — but we're not sure whether it will be available for Aussie consumers at launch or if it will only be available through third-party retailers. 

The Airstrait will be available from midnight on Tuesday, 25 June 2024. Retailing at AU$749 (around $491 / £385), the box also comes with exclusive accessories alongside the device. In terms of price, the Airstrait will cost AU$50 compared to the Corrale, but with no heat damage and new tech, the inflated price checks out (despite it being a tough pill to swallow for a straightener).

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