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Crunchyroll's merger with competitor Funimation has proven a serious headache for anime fans. Between upcoming price hikes and the recent news that Funimation's streaming platform will go dark in April, and with it any digital copies there that users already purchased will disappear, many viewers have started looking elsewhere for their favorite series and movies. 

If you want to get the most out of anime streaming, look no further. Below, we outline the best Crunchyroll alternatives currently out there to satisfy your anime fix. Whether you're looking for the latest episodes of popular series to classics from decades past, there are options out there for everyone. So without further ado, these are the best Crunchyroll alternatives. 


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Netflix has spent the last few years heavily investing in anime, and it's paid off big time. From landing well-loved series like Hunter Hunter, Demon Slayer, InuYasha and more to creating hit original shows like Castlevania and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners or licensing popular manga adaptations like Beastars and Delicious Dungeon, Netflix has firmly established itself as a one-stop shop for many anime fans. 

While the streamer isn't a go-to for more obscure anime titles, it has a solid selection of popular modern and classic series. 

And while Netflix has frustratingly hiked up its prices over the year, the cost of a monthly subscription isn't that far off from Crunchyroll. The basic ad-free tier costs $15.49 a month. There is also an ad-supported version of the basic tier that costs $6.99 per month, though please note that this doesn't include access to Netflix's full library. With either option, you're limited to two simulcasts unless you fork over for the Premium plan, which gets you access to 4K streaming on up to four devices at the same time for $22.99 per month.

Something else subscribers should note is that Netflix's skip function is a bit overzealous when it comes to anime. You'll have to disable it in the settings menu or risk missing any post-credits scenes in your favorite shows. 


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Hulu is another great option for anime fans, boasting hundreds of anime titles. It's also home to several simulcasts that stream each season, which means you get access to the newest subbed episodes as they come out every week. Unlike with Netflix, where you have to wait for an entire season to drop at once, you can keep up with the latest arcs of My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Spy X Family and more. Or for a trip down memory lane, there are plenty of classics to revisit like Ranma 1/2, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailor Moon, and Hellsing Ultimate. 

Hulu also has a partnership with Crunchyroll to carry several of its titles, just not its entire library. It's also the exclusive streamer for the Bleach sequel series, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, in the U.S. Another bonus is the dedicated Anime Hub section, where you'll find content conveniently organized into categories such as classic and simulcasts or browse its entire library from A to Z. 

Hulu starts at $7.99 a month for its ad-supported basic tier. Or if you'd rather skip the commercials, the ad-free version costs $17.99 a month. 


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RetroCrush is the only free anime streaming service on this list, and its library is limited to older shows and movies. That being said, if you're a hardcore fan on the hunt for a discontinued series, 90s classic, or obscure anime that no one's heard of, your best bet to find it is here. 

With RetroCrush’s focus on vintage anime, you're not going to find much of its library anywhere else, especially in America. What it lacks in original programming or modern offerings it more than makes up for with a solid list of classic exclusives. The original '80s Urusei Yatsura, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Lupin the Third, Astro Boy, Medabots, and more can be found here. 

RetroCrush's basic ad-supported tier comes at no charge, but if you want to stream even more titles ad-free, a premium account costs $4.99 per month. 


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While a bit more obscure, Hidive is one of the best budget options for anime fans. Like Hulu, it hosts simulcast subs so you'll be able to stream new anime shows online as they’re released in real-time. You'll find popular shows like K-On!, Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun, Oshi no Ko, and The Eminence in Shadow here. It's also the exclusive streaming platform for select titles such as The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior.

Though HiDive does have family-friendly titles, it's worth noting that this streamer caters more to the 18-and-older crowd, priding itself on its library of uncensored series and mature exclusives. Also worth highlighting is its robust viewing features, including customizable subtitle options, in-episode live chats and the option to toggle between censored and uncensored versions of your favorite shows. Though its bare-bones mobile app (available on both iOS and Android) leaves a lot to be desired. 

At $4.99 per month, Hidive is one of the cheaper options out there, and it offers a seven-day free trial. 

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