5 great Hi-Fi audiophile products from the High End Munich Audio Show to look out for in 2024

Sonus faber Sonetto G2
(Image credit: Sonus faber)

For Hi-Fi lovers and audiophiles alike, the High End Munich Audio Show is the epicenter of European audio innovation. 

With over 1,000 brands spanning the mind-bogglingly expensive ESD Super Dragon speaker system at $3.6m to much more affordable products from the likes of Q Acoustics and Pro-Ject, it's an audio lover's paradise.

This year's show, which took place from May 9 to 12, showcased some of the most spectacular audio components I've ever heard with several audio brands choosing to unveil new models at Europe's biggest-ever audio show.

Here's a rundown of my favorite audio picks from High End Munich 2024 set to energize your ears with great sound in the year ahead.

Luxury speaker series

1. Sonus faber Sonetto G2

Sonus faber Sonetto G2 with Suprema

Sonus faber Sonetto VIII G2 floorstanding tower speaker (front) with Suprema. (Image credit: Sonus faber)

Italian loudspeaker specialist Sonus faber chose High End Munich 2024 to unveil its new Sonetto G2 speaker collection. As a new generation of the Sonetto speaker series, the G2 version features seven new models using trickle down acoustic technologies originally developed for the $750,000 Suprema speaker system.

Unlike the Suprema though, Sonetto prices start at $1,249. Like Suprema, the Sonetto VIII ($7,999 per pair), Sonetto V ($6,499 per pair) and Sonetto Center ($2,499) also feature the Camelia midrange speaker cone, left unpainted to ensure 100% sound purity and featuring a phase plug made of aluminum for smooth frequency response and clarity when listening on and off axis.

The Sonus faber Sonetto G2 speaker series will be on sale at specialist audio dealers from July 2024.

Entry-level music streaming solutions

2. WiiM Ultra & Amp Pro

WiiM Ultra and WiiM Amp Pro at High End Munich 2024

WiiM Ultra (left) and WiiM Amp Pro (right) join the company's growing lineup of affordable smart home audio products. (Image credit: Future)

California-based WiiM unveiled two new products at High End Munich 2024. First up, the new WiiM Ultra is a digital network hub with a vibrant 3.5-inch full-color touchscreen covered with glass. Like a Chromecast or Apple TV for your audio system, the WiiM Ultra builds on the WiiM Pro music streamer aimed at audio lovers looking to bring all the modern-day music streaming smarts and multiroom integration to traditional speaker and amp setups, but claims improved audio capabilities and ease of use.

Additionally, the WiiM Amp Pro ($369) is a step-up version of the WiiM Amp but with upgraded components and advanced signal processing for improved audio quality and enhanced wireless connectivity. As with the original WiiM Amp ($299) it claims 60W per channel at 8 ohms (120W at 4 ohms) for connection to passive speakers. It can also connect to a TV via HDMI (ARC) and any line-level analog source via stereo RCAs. The amplifier's compact form factor also features minor cosmetic updates to the knob buttons, status LED, volume LEDs and comes with a metal rear as well as redesigned internal circuits.

Read the full WiiM Ultra and WiiM Amp Pro news story.

Entry-level speaker series

3. Q Acoustics 3000c

Q Acoustics 3000c group at High End Munich 2024

On display at High End Munich 2024 for the first time, the 7th iteration of Q Acoustics' entry-level speaker series will be available in claro rosewood, satin white, satin black, and light pin oak color options. (Image credit: Future)

The new Q Acoustics 3000c loudspeaker line-up is designed for budget-conscious music and movie lovers. The next-gen speaker series evolves the company’s 3000i lineup — one of the world’s most popular entry-level designs.

As one of the most affordable speaker systems at the High End Munich 2024 show, I got to hear two speakers models from the new series. Both sounded excellent with a great sense of stereo sound staging and bigger bass than I expected. They're a great example of how you don't have to spend big to get great sound and a strong musical connection. 

The 5-strong family will be comprised of a 3010c bookshelf ($399 / £329), 3020c standmount ($499 / £399), 3030c larger standmount ($649 / £499) and 3050c floorstander ($1,199 / £899). A 3090c center-channel speaker ($399 / £299) completes the new series for multi-channel home theater setups.

Read the full Q Acoustics 3000c news story.

Hi-Fi music streaming solutions

4. Arcam Radia

Arcam ST25

Arcam unveils three new streaming models to its Radia series.  (Image credit: Arcam)

Harman-owned British audio specialist Arcam unveiled three new models at High End Munich 2024. The new additions take Arcam's popular and rapidly expanding Radia series to eight models. 

Designed to bring affordable streaming solutions to the company's Luxury Audio Group of brands, the Arcam ST25 is a digital audio player designed to maximise the performance of separates-based setups. It's joined by the Arcam SA35 and Arcam SA45 all-in-one streaming solutions with built-in amplifiers that integrate the company's G Class amplification and its new high-resolution music streaming platform.

At the time of the announcement, there were no U.S. prices available, but U.K. and E.U. buyers can expect the Arcam ST25 to cost £1,499 / €1,799, while the Arcam SA35 and SA45 all-in-one systems will be priced at £2,999 / €3,499 and £4,499 / €4,999 respectively.

The new products will be available at audio retailers starting from September 2024. 


5. Pro-Ject Debut Evo 2

Pro-Ject Evo 2 turntable at High End Munich 2024

(Image credit: Future)

Pro-Ject had one of the largest number of turntables on display at the show covering all kinds of price points. But it was the new Pro-Ject Debut Evo 2 turntable that really caught my eye thanks to the 5 new satin color options including bright yellow and red wine (pictured), as well as traditional high-gloss black, white or red finishes, and a real-wood walnut veneer. All finishes are beautifully realized, and the belt-drive turntable is fitted with Pro-Ject’s own 'Pick It' moving-magnet (MM) Evo cartridge. Prices look set to be €699 (approx $750).

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