Sony: Use of LV0 Key PS3 Hack Will Get You Banned

While not explicitly mentioned, the "consumer alert" quite clearly relates to the release of the LV0 Key hack, which allows system updates to be decrypted and enables users to install any system update on the console, as long as they are running firmware versions above version 3.60. The hack also allows users to boot from alternative operating systems, a feature that was removed beginning in version 3.21, and run video games from copied game discs.

Sony said that unruly PS3 users who run the hack and refuse to remove it will be disciplined by being permanently banned from using the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network. According to Sony, the hack violates the "System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation 3 system invalidates the consumer's right to access that system."

The company said that it takes this measure to "help provide a safe, fair, online environment". Apparently, no users have been banned yet. However, Sony said that "consumers must immediately cease using and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from their PlayStation 3 systems," if they want to "avoid permanent termination" from the network.

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  • At the very least they should let you install linux. Some people bought a ps3 thinking that was an option.
  • I say to all those that are pissed come back to PC gaming. :)

    I agree with Sony on this one. They have sold many consoles at a loss with the expectation of selling games to recoup the costs. Also they are only forbidding using these systems on their network, you own the hardware do what you want, just don't connect to PSN. Seems completely fair if you hack the hardware, don't support them by using pirated games, they should not have to endure the added expense of you using their network/server resources.
  • Simple solution - never buy anything Sony.
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  • Quote:
    The company said that it takes this measure to "help provide a safe, fair, online environment".

    correction "help provide a safe, fair, PROFIT environment"
  • Simple solution - never buy anything Sony.
  • sony can suck a fat one.