PS3 Slim Made Faster With Firmware 3.0

Did you snag yourself a new PS3 Slim? You should check to make sure that you're running the latest firmware, which is currently at version 3.0.

Comparisons of the PS3 Slim running the older 2.8 firmware and latest 3.0 firmware find clear loading time advantages with the newer system software. Check out the comparison videos embedded below:

PS3 Slim Faster With Firmware 3.0

PS3 Slim Faster With Firmware 3.0

Earlier this week we showed you the loading time differences between the new PS3 Slim and older PlayStation 3 model. While the final speedtest comparison between them has yet to happen, it seems that the PS3 Slim is the one to get if you want to be loading your games faster.

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  • dtemple
    The last speed test was between PS3 Slim running 2.76 and PS3 Fat running 2.80. That was an unfair comparison. The loading time difference on Batman Arkham Asylum between the slim and the fat was due to the slim not playing the intro clip that displays "Playstation 3" on the screen. My fat, running 3.00, does not display that screen when you start a game, meaning it has identical loading time to a slim for games.
    The fat was 7 seconds faster loading a blu-ray movie.
    So far, the slim has proven to be equal or slower in everything, but I'm not complaining since the system has a lot lower power consumption and price. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy playing emulated games on my Linux partition using my Dualshock3 thru bluetooth - something a slim can never do.
  • ben850
    still enough time to go pee, and grab yourself an ice cold beer.. so what's the difference?
  • ravenware
    ....don't care. The constant reporting on the slim is getting a little silly.