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Top 10 PS4 Launch Titles

Top 10 PS4 Launch Titles
PS4 Launch Titles

With its powerful octa-core processor and 1.84-terraflop GPU, the PlayStation 4 is all about delivering the best possible gaming performance. If you plan on picking up this $399 powerhouse, we have good news. Sony's console has a strong launch lineup, boasting nearly 30 titles. Need some help picking the best games? From immersive first-person shooters and MMOs to next-gen platformers, these are the most promising titles to pick up on launch day.

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    DeViLzzz2007 , November 12, 2013 10:41 PM
    I played Knack demo on PS4 two days ago and while I liked the mechanics with the baddies in the game the enemies did not have enough HP to stay alive long and also I have to say for a next gen game the graphics for this looked way old.

    Honestly not impressed by either next gen consoles launch titles from what I have seen so far and see no reason to buy a next gen console other than to resell it for more possibly.
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    Red_Frog , November 14, 2013 10:42 AM
    I thought to myself after reading the whole list of launch titles that the only thing worth playing is DCUO, and it's already better on my PC than it will ever be on PS4. I might be inclined to play if they had combined them in the first place but I rarely actually feel like playing on PS3 since all my progress is on PC. This is probably the weakest launch in history. There's nothing here worth the $400 entry fee.
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    Brent Davis , November 28, 2013 10:05 PM
    I agree I actually bought a ps4 tonight and had instant buyers remorse when I found out all the games could not be played and not only on top of that they want u to pay to play with friends...

    So lets sit those 2 major things aside and move to the next major thing THERE IS NO REAL TITLES OUT what a waste of money and time I feel so ripped off
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