Meet the OM/ONE: World's First Levitating Speaker

OM/ONE: The World's First Levitating Speaker

I know they say that music can move you, but this is ridiculous. Consumer audio developer OM Audio has announced the creation of the world's first levitating speaker. Dubbed the OM/ONE, the $179 portable speaker is now available, just in time to float into homes for the holiday season.

The spherical speaker (6.3 inches x diameter x 1.6 inches height) works in concert with a magnetic base (2.1 pounds, 1.6 x 1.2 inches) to achieve the spinning, levitating effect. In terms of audio, the OM/ONE relies on its 75mm audio driver to deliver clear, balanced mids, highs and lows.

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The wireless speaker can connect to most devices including smartphones, notebooks and tablets via Bluetooth 4.0 over a distance of approximately 33 feet. And while the floating effect is pretty cool, the OM/ONE can play music with or without the base which comes in handy if you want to use the 1.3-pound speaker outdoors.

If you have two OM/ONEs you can pair them for stereo effect, thereby doubling your pleasure. When it's not being used to play music, the OM/ONE can also function as a speakerphone thanks to the built-in Type 1 microphone. OM Audio claims that the speaker's Lithium-ion battery will last up to 15 hours on a charge.

The OM/ONE will be available in black, white and disco ball when it ships. A portion of the proceeds will go to the non-profit initiative, Immunity Project, which is working to create a free HIV vaccine.

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  • neon neophyte
    does it charge while levitating in the base or do you have to charge it seperately? if seperately, i find the idea fairly useless
  • gm0n3y
    Kinda neat, but I'd want the licensed version that look like the Death Star. I'd play the Imperial March on repeat.
  • ingtar33
    i don't know. i think it's pretty clever actually. Now if only someone would buy me two for xmas...

    and i suspect it charges while levitating. The amount of current you'd need to create the magnetic field would be significant enough to charge it as well.