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File Sharing After Megaupload: 8 Alternatives

Dropbox is a bit different from all those shady file sharing sites. As is the case with most cloud services, Dropbox requires you to jump through a couple of one-time hoops before you can upload any files.

For starters, you need to register for an account. It’s free, and you get 2GB of storage which lets you share files up to 2GB in size (quite a bit larger than most file sharing sites will allow). You can optionally purchase additional storage, starting at about the same prices you find with the Megaupload-like sites; however, Dropbox doesn’t actively make your life more difficult for using a free account.

The trickiest thing Dropbox does is make you think you need to download and install the Dropbox application. Pro-tip: On the Dropbox homepage, there is a “Log in” button that allows you to log in or create an account, bypassing the need to install the application. Although, you may actually want the app. It seamlessly integrates your Dropbox storage with your computer (or smartphone with the smartphone app).

Dropbox is also a little bit more complicated than your typical upload site. When you want to share your files, you either have to create a shared folder or use the “Public” folder that’s already there. Only files in shared folders will have the option to create public links.

So, yes, true cloud storage is a bit more difficult than the upload sites when it comes to uploading, but for the users you’re sharing your files with, it’s so much nicer. They won’t be pestered with ads or wait times, or even slow speeds.

In addition to allowing you to share large files, Dropbox also doubles as a way to keep your files safe. Your files are automatically encrypted and backed up. Dropbox even keeps a one-month history of your work, so that accidental deletions or overwrites can be undone. Know of any upload sites that do that?

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