File Sharing After Megaupload: 8 Alternatives

File Sharing Sites vs. Cloud Storage

While file sharing sites such as Megaupload and RapidShare are technically cloud storage solutions, we’re making a distinction between them and true cloud storage services. Simply taking an uploaded file and spitting out a download link does not a cloud service make. A true cloud service gives you much more freedom when it comes to managing your files. Not to mention, most cloud services don’t try to swindle you. Besides, you should know by now that cloud storage services are, quite simply, the wave of the future.

File sharing sites are nothing but rip-offs. How else might you explain the $175 million revenue stream Megaupload had at its disposal? Those sites are often also cesspools for piracy and threaten the existence of cloud storage in its entirety, either by setting dangerous legal precedents or by scaring off potential investors for reputable companies.

Yes, sites like MediaFire allow you to upload anonymously, and your files get indexed so that they'll show up in a Google search. Cloud services don't give you that sort of anonymity, and none really give you the option to index your files publicly. But is that such a big deal? Anonymity is for illegal uploads. And don't be confused, not being able to upload anonymously doesn't mean your name or e-mail address get attached to the file for the public to see. All it means is that law enforcement can potentially get a subpoena and figure out who you are. And as far as public indexing is concerned, any time you post a link to one of your files on a blog or forum, it gets indexed for public searches."

For the sake of the internet, we ask you to stop using those mangy file sharing sites and give the true cloud services a chance. There are many free and affordable cloud solutions out there, and they’re just as free as – and often even more affordable than – the Megauploads of the net.

Of course not all cloud services are meant for file sharing. There are a handful that allow only personal access. Since this article is all about trying to fill the void left by Megaupload, we’re not going to focus on those. Instead, we’re focusing the cream of the crop that give you the best bang for your buck and do an exemplary job of it.

Dropbox is one of the great options you’ve likely already heard of. is quickly growing into an effective file sharing and cloud document service. And of course the big names are joining in, like Microsoft with SkyDrive, and Amazon with its Cloud Drive. Even Google Docs can be used to share files now.