Wii Game Powered by What You Search on Google

The Wii is a great console for playing party games like Wii Sports and Think Fast. Soon Japanese gamers will be playing a new kind of game with the Wii, one that involves the popularity of certain Google search terms.

Siliconera reports that the quiz-like game, dubbed 'And Kensaku,' pulls 10,000 search terms using data from Google. Players then have to guess which terms are more popular in a variety of different games. In one game, whoever picks the phrase with the least amount of hits loses. In another, it's a race and your character runs faster when you pick trendier topics.

And Kensaku hits Japanese stores on April 29 for 4,800 yen ($52). No word on whether or not Nintendo is planning an international release.

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  • Most popular search terms "free" & "porn"

    I win. lol
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  • $52!!! It better be better than Dragon Age: Origins
  • Original concept that can bring a couple of good laughs. $52 is a bit much for this kind of games though.
  • Most popular search terms "free" & "porn"

    I win. lol