10 Breast Cancer Awareness Apps

Breast Cancer Awareness FoundationBreast Cancer Awareness Foundation

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when doctors, breast cancer patients and activists raise awareness and funds toward the fight against a silent killer that can affect 1 in 8 women in their lifetime. The mobile app space is another weapon in the arsenal of the fight against breast cancer, and we've scoured Google Play and the App Store for the some of the best breast cancer awareness apps.

1. B4BC (iOS) (Free)

Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) is a non-profit breast cancer foundation that focuses its advocacy among the youth and the action sports community. The B4BC app teaches the basics of BSE or Breast Self Examination, allows users to set a monthly BSE reminder, as well as provides wellness and healthy lifestyle tips, and details on upcoming B4BC events and volunteer activities.

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2. Keep A Breast: Check Yourself (Android, iOS)

The Keep A Breast Foundation is a youth-focused non-profit that's fighting the good fight. The foundation's Check Yourself app teaches the fundamentals of breast self examination, complete with a step-by-step guide. It also features a tool for setting automatic monthly reminders.

3. iBreastCheck (Android, iOS)

iBreastCheck is another self examination app that comes with a detailed video demonstrating how women can check their breasts for cancer signs and symptoms. It also offers the ability to set automatic reminders to check yourself. In addition, the app comes with "Risk Report" quiz that assesses your risk of getting breast cancer.

4. Early Detection Plan (Android, iOS)

The best way to reduce breast cancer mortality is to catch it early in the bud. Early Detection Plan aims to help with this by providing an all-in-one breast exam reminder app that teaches its users how to self-examine, as well as recommending clinical exams and mammograms based on your medical profile. Users can schedule exams, find nearby clinics and read up on more information.

5. Beyond The Shock (iOS)

A project of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Beyond The Shock helps cancer patients and family cope with the trauma of learning of a cancer diagnosis. It also hopes to take families onwards toward learning about cancer and how to cope, survive and thrive even while suffering from the disease. The app comes with instructional videos about breast cancer, a helpful online forum where people can ask questions and get answers, and a collection of video testimonials about life with breast cancer.

6. Breast Cancer Diagnosis Guide (iOS) (Free)

A helpful tool by Breastcancer.org, the Breast Cancer Diagnosis Guide app walks you through your breast cancer pathology report as well as important medical terms and explanations, and the latest research. With the aid of their doctor, breast cancer patients can fill out a diagnosis report which you can then save in the app, allowing you to easily bring your medical information to other doctors. In addition, the app comes with a glossary of important cancer terms, and displays the latest research articles relevant to your diagnostic report.

7. dailyRX (Android, iOS) (Free)

DailyRX is your comprehensive source of health news on demand. The app allows users to pull up the latest doctor-reviewed and approved news and articles about more than 120 different medical conditions, including male and female breast cancer. In addition, users can consult a detailed medications encyclopedia, transfer your prescription details by scan or photo, and order prescription refills in-app (through Walgreens and other supporting pharmacies).

8. Choose This Not That: Breast Cancer (Android, iOS) ($3.99)

Choose This Not That: Breast Cancer helps you choose healthier foods and improve your diet and lifestyle, with the app's recommendations taking breast cancer patients in mind. Users can search for particular foods and view their suitability with a color-coded dial, search for suggested recommendations, and look up what foods to find and what to avoid. Particularly useful is that the app can search for recommendations based on likely combinations of conditions, for example, breast cancer plus obesity.

9. Your Man Reminder (Android, iOS) (Free)

Breast cancer apps need not be all doom and gloom serious. Case in point? Your Man Reminder, a tongue-in-cheek app that's designed to give you regular reminders from hot guys to check your breasts. Get reminders on checking your breasts using the TLC (Touch, Look, Check) method, send your friends personalized "Man-o-Gram" reminders, and learn what signs and symptoms to look for and take down.

10. TweetCaster Pink (Android, iOS) ($9.99)

TweetCaster is one of our favorite third-party Twitter clients, and it's also joined in the effort to fight breast cancer with TweetCaster Pink. It's a special version of the TweetCaster app with a pink color palette and an ad-free experience. It's got everything we love about TweetCaster, such as multiple account logins, Facebook & Twitter posting, a "Zip It" muting feature, and more. Money raised from TweetCaster Pink goes to the breast cancer non-profit Feel Your Boobies.

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