Android Wear Now Controls Your Phone's Camera

Android Wear-powered watches like the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live bring messages and notifications to your wrist, and now, they double as selfie-takers. A new update to Google's Camera app for Android devices allows users to activate the app's shutter with a simple tap of the wrist on any Android Wear device.

With this update installed, your Wear device will instantly display a Camera card once you open the Camera app on your phone or tablet. Tapping this card turns your Wear watch into a remote shutter button, which provides a 3-second countdown before your picture is taken. Once you've snapped a photo, you'll get to preview it on your Wear device.

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Aside from Wear compatibility, the latest update to Google Camera provides a revamped interface for snapping panoramas. There's also a new in-app help center, which will allow you to pick up a few photo tips without having to close the app and search the Web. 

The current build of the just-released Android Wear feels like a work-in-progress that requires a bit too much swiping, but camera control is a smart addition to the platform. We can certainly see Android users getting more creative with their shots, now that holding your device is no longer a necessity if you've got a Wear watch. The update hasn't officially hit the Google Play store, but you can download the APK here.

via Android Police

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