BlackBerry 10 Browser Test Outperforms iOS, Windows Phone

Comparison tests from the developer units of the platform have shown that the BlackBerry 10 web browser runs faster than Apple's iOS 6 and Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.

While the operating system won't launch until January 30, which is the date the first handsets powered by the platform will be unveiled, developers have been in possession of early builds of the device for months in order to develop apps.

The Gadget Masters utilized the BlackBerry Dev Alpha B handset and a developer build of BlackBerry 10 itself and ran a comparison test against the iPhone 5 running on iOS 6, as well as the HTC 8X running Windows Phone 8.

The tests, showcased in the videos below, show that the BB10 handset renders pages considerably faster than its rivals. However, the site has yet to test it against an Android-powered smartphone.

RIM recently sent out invites for the January 30 event next year, while the platform's home screen was lately showcased in a batch of leaked images.

BlackBerry 10 browser

BlackBerry 10 browser


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  • halcyon
    Good stuff. Way to go RIM. I'm rooting for you.
  • dozerman
    I knew about this awhile ago. Good to see that they have kept their lead. I have also seen my playbook outrender a Xoom in person, so I think we have a win there, too!
  • mariusmotea
    I don't understand why no.1 platform is missing from this test. I can only imagine because it outperform BB10.