Xbox One to Receive Multiplayer Patch Before 'Titanfall'

Microsoft's Xbox One console has garnered no shortage of praise since it launched in November 2013, thanks to its solid launch lineup and robust entertainment capabilities. As with any young system, the Xbox One has plenty of room to improve, and Microsoft is hoping to satisfy fans' biggest wishes for the console with a series of updates in February and March.

The first of these major updates will roll out on Feb. 11, and will allow Xbox One gamers to easily find how much storage space their saved content takes up. My Games and My Apps have been separated into different lists, and users will be able to choose the order in which their content loads up upon starting up the console.

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This update will see the return of the battery power indicator from the Xbox 360, which allows players to see how much juice is left on their controller right from the home screen. The Feb. 11 patch will also add the ability to use a USB keyboard with your Xbox One.

The next major update is scheduled for Mar. 4, in preparation for highly-anticipated shooter "Titanfall." Details are currently scarce on what this update will actually include, but Microsoft noted that the patch will bring many improvements to the Xbox One's "party and multiplayer systems."

According to The Verge, fans have previously complained about having difficulties chatting with friends that are playing separate games, so this coming fix is likely to address that before what Microsoft is calling "the biggest game launch of the year."

According to Microsoft, more details regarding both early 2014 updates will be announced in the next few weeks.

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