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Table With Built-in Speakers: $1200

At first glance, the wooden table by Brit Mike Lonsdale looks like your average piece of wood work—but with bellbottoms and tiny shoes that require bound feet to fit into. There's a reason for the disco-centric aesthetic though: in each leg is an omni-directional speaker that blasts audio from any connected PMP.

The tabletop is mostly seamless, save for the panel that comes off to reveal a 3.5mm jack and a wooden slot to accommodate your favorite media player standing up. There's also enough space to cram in your PMP in full and cover it with the panel.

Lonsdale's creation doesn't have an iPod dock. But since the tabletop—made from Tatajuba, wood indigenous to Brazil—uses a standard 3.5mm jack so it'll work with just about anything provided you have the right cable. 

As for the bellbottoms? They're made of chestnut. Lonsdale maintains the shape helps direct the treble down towards the floor, for maximum sonic distribution. On the top of each leg is a hole; that's where low tones come out and propagate through the air. The power cord plugs into one of the legs, via a hole near the floor.

If you're willing to pay around $1200 for the table described, you can contact Mike through his website.