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The iPod Speakers for your Shower Concerto

There was once a study that determined the acoustics of an average bathroom actually encourages people to sing. Apparently it had something to do with the way sound bounces around and cancels out certain notes. Until recently though, shower-time soloists had to be content with singing their favorite bath time gurgles solo, without so much as a stray melody.

These new wireless speakers will give your lyrical libations some much needed accompaniment. The wireless transmitter can pipe in tunes from your iPod to the waterproof speakers from up to 150 feet away. The 900MHz PLL circuitry means you get a clear signal and crisp sound. You even have the choice of using AA batteries for short shower stints, or the AC adapter for 24-hour bath-mood music.

Available now at the Sharper Image online store for $89.99.

[source: The Sharper Image]