iPhone Time Bug Causing Alarms to be Wrong

With our cell phones basically glued to our bodies at almost all times, the utility of a watch and an alarm clock aren't anywhere near what they used to be. These days many people rely on their mobiles as both a timepiece as well as an alarm clock.

For those who have been using their iPhone as their alarm clocks may have had a somewhat rude awakening (though sleeping in is never that bad).

Reports from around the world have exposed a daylights savings flaw in the iOS software, which is causing alarms to go off either an hour late or early, depending on where you live.

The flaw first reared its ugly head when it hit Australia a few weeks ago. Now the bug has hit Europe, which causes alarms to go off an hour later than they should. The odd part is that the clock itself has switched over and correctly displays the time, but the alarm is still stuck in time from the past.

Now reports from North American users have their phones going off an hour early rather than late.

Apple has acknowledged that this is a software bug and says that it will correct it in a software update. For now, the only way to avoid getting punk'd by this bug is to use a certain class of alarm, which are:

* An alarm that doesn't repeat (repeat set to "never")

* An alarm set to repeat "every day"

Source: Engadget

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  • nukemaster
    Its a feature, honest.
  • techd2
    It will probably fix itself after this week when the time actually changes, so if Apple doesn't come out with a software update before then it would be useless till next year.
  • schwizer
    You're entering it wrong!
  • lukeiamyourfather
    "Undocumented feature" as they call it. Between this and the lock screen bypassing I'm not as confident in iOS as I used to be.
  • jomofro39
    What an amazing excuse to be late for work. I wish I had an iPhone and then showed them this article as I strolled in late and refreshed.
  • cp8427
    Hahaha that's funny because my mother in law used that on me when she arrived for work an hour late. I now see that she wasn't lying...
  • alyoshka
    Maybe they kept it Sideways..............? :)
    Not the way the Alarm and Clock thought they were meant to go off.....
  • The_Trutherizer
    Steve must have bit somebody's arm off because of this after all the hoohah about how great the alarm on the iphone is :p
  • A bug to throw off your entire day? There's an app for that.
  • mavroxur
    You're setting it wrong!