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Stereo PC Speakers, Compared

Computer Speakers

Key points

We test these products with music files and games. Of course, it is possible to use them for DVD viewing but you will be far better off with a 5.1 system. The quality of the sound reproduction is the main thing here. Highs, mid-tones and bass must all be vibrant and certainly not flat. Static noise must be minimal. We also look at the design, the settings and connectivity.

Stereo speakers with a subwoofer allow you to listen to music and play games without cluttering your desk.

Considering the number of audio files exchanged over the Net, it seems rather a good idea to invest in equipment that will make your music sound even better. In order to use 2.1 speakers all you need is a PC with a sound card and a stereo mini jack output, both of which are almost always included in any desktop or laptop computer.

Different standards
Manufacturers are always ready to drown you in watts . Beware however, as measuring methods differ from one company to another. It is therefore really difficult to compare the figures.

Speaker quality has improved greatly over the last few years, therefore you can find a product for any budget.