VIDEO: Samsung's AMOLED Gets the Sunlight Test

AMOLED displays are supposedly more vivid than OLED ones. They're also said to perform better outside on bright, sunny, days. The folks from Portablegear (via Engadget) took the Samsung Wave outside to see how well the display performed in the sun. The result? AMOLED rocks.

Now if only I could get an AMOLED display for my laptop…

Samsung Wave hands-on

Read more about the Wave here.

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  • ryanjm
    That was so weird listening to the foreign language mixed in with english words like "camera" "super", etc... it was like he was speaking english but some of his words got garbled.
  • NegativeX
    I wish they would just finally state how many NITs it is and be done with it.
  • g00ey
    What a horrible accent. I used to believe the Dutchies were a lot better in English than that.