Samsung's 5-inch Galaxy Wi-Fi Tablet Launched

Despite delaying Nexus prime out of respect to the recent passing of Steve Jobs, and its apparent surrender in the Australian front, Samsung continues to go after Apple where they live - no, really! 3 months after promising us a cute lil' 5-inch tablet, they've finally delivered the adorable little guy, a new Galaxy tab that is basically an enlarged smartphone without phone capabilities. Call it Galaxypod Touch, or something that doesn't risk another Apple infringement lawsuit.

The 5-inch device retails in the UK for £162 (around $262.99) and will soon be followed by an even smaller 3-inch device selling for £146 (approx. $227.50). Both lil' cuties run Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), ship with a 1GHZ processor, offer Bluetooth support and Wi-Fi, and allow for optional 8 and 16gb storage, but the 5-nch version has a better camera to go along with its bigger screen.

Samsung's Simon Stanford added this eloquent boilerplate:

"With the Galaxy Wi-Fi we have created a device that allows consumers all the fun and freedom of our other Android Galaxy devices. Consumers can choose from thousands of exciting apps and communicate with friends using the Social Hub or even services such as Skype. The different size options mean there is something for everyone."

The new Galaxy looks like a winner, though the price is going to have to come down a bit in the States if they want to remain competitive with the recently reduced iPod touch. Whether or not that happens, odds are 500 to 1 that their ongoing legal battle with Apple will soon open another front. Popcorn and rubbernecking will available to your right.