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Ring's Wireless Camera Keeps an Eye on Your Home's Exterior

BARCELONA — Ring has made a name for itself with its video doorbell that monitors whoever comes knocking at your door. But what about the rest of your house?

Ring wants to make sure you're covered there too. The company now makes Stick Up Cam, a wireless motion-activated camera that connects to your phone over Wi-Fi. Ring unveiled the $199 Stick Up Cam last month, but is here at Mobile World Congress to further show off the camera now that it's shipping to consumers.

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The 4.98 in. x 2.43 in. x 1.45-inch Stick Up Cam shoots 720p video with infrared LEDs to shoot at night and two-way audio so that you can communicate with whoever it is that's skulking around your house. Those are the same features as the Ring's video doorbell, though that product has a 180-degree field of view to the Stick Up Cam's 80 degrees.

Should the Stick Up Cam sense any movement, it sends an alert to your smartphone. (Ring's app works on Android and iOS, and there's also a version that runs on any Windows 10 computer or tablet.) You can adjust the motion zones and sensitivity that trigger those alerts. The camera runs on a rechargeable battery that packs in about six months of power; you'll get an alert when its time to recharge.

Ring also offers a cloud-video recording service to back up footage shot by its products, storing up to six months of activity. The feature costs an extra $3 a month or $30 a year.

As with Ring's video doorbell, Stick Up Cam's appeal is the promise of easy-to-manage home security at a comparatively low cost. That said, if you want cameras covering every square inch of your property, those $199 devices can start to add up. Still, when it comes to making sure your backyard is as secure as your front porch, Stick Up Cam promises to be a valuable counterpart to Ring Video Doorbell.