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Rescue-bot Uses Kinect to Find Victims

Photo: University of Warick

Photo: University of Warick

Ever since the Kinect came out, you've seen some pretty innovative and industrious hacks, but students at the U.K.'s University of Warick have used Kinect's power to create an incredible search and rescue robot. 

The Teleoperated Search and Rescue Robot is designed to crawl over troublesome obstacles and squeeze through small space. So where does the Kinect come in? The robot is equipped with a Kinect-powered sensor that allows it to map terrain in 3D, potentially identifying areas in collapsed spaces where victims might be trapped.

In the past, robots of this type have used Lidar laser sensors which use light to create images of maps and objects at an extremely hefty price. Using the Kinect saves a tremendous amount of money making this search and rescue bot more practical and readily available.

In addition to its Kinect sensor which is located in the robot's head, this rescue bot features six tracks, an articulated arm and is powered by two Roboteq AX3500 motors which help it navigate through rough terrain.

The students at Warick also hope to equip their life-saving robot with a type of manipulator that would allow them to bring food and medicine to trapped victims.

Check out a video of the bot below: