This $9,000 3D Printer Can Handle Four Materials at Once


3D printers are taking a long time to find their way into the average household, so printer-maker Pollen is going the other direction -- a luxury device that costs $8,900 and looks like it belongs on the shelf in a Home Depot or a wood shop. This pro printer is called Pam, and it can build with up to four materials at once. 

Credit: Pollen

Pollen hasn't listed pricing for its materials, but claims that it offers "the largest range" on the market, including silicon; plastic; a variety of colors; different strength and elasticity options; and material safe for food contact. The materials come in the form of  pellets packaged in pods that fit into the printer.

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That $8,900 starting price (converted from €8,000) won't last long; its a limited time offer for early adopters. Pollen suggests that its device will increase twofold to €16,000 -- or $17,845 -- in 2017.

Pam uses software called Honeyprint that lets users control the 3D printer from a mobile device. Pollen isn't specific about which phones and tablets support it, instead claiming that it works on "any device, anywhere" (I hope someone tries this on a BlackBerry or Palm Pre).

With such a high introductory price that's only getting more expensive, don't expect to see Pam in your friends' homes or local Maker Faire. This is a pro-level device, and its clearly priced accordingly.