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This Mini PC Will Self-Destruct in 5 Seconds

LAS VEGAS — In a world of increasing corporate espionage, along comes the ORWL, a mini PC that will automatically encrypt or destroy its contents if someone attempts to break into it. The small disk-shaped computer, which runs on an Intel 6th Gen Core M7 vPro processor, requires both a password and a physical key before you can access any data on it.

Available this Spring, the ORWL ("Orwell"), made by Design Shift, comes with a small fob that needs to be placed on the top of the PC, or remain within a 10-meter radius. Otherwise, the ORWL will turn itself off. Pricing for the PC has not yet been finalized.

Moreover, the interior of the ORWL's glass case is lined with a wire mesh which, if opened or damaged by someone trying to physically break into the computer, will erase the access key to all the data on the drive, and shut itself off.

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The ORWL has two USB Type-C ports, as well as a micro HDMI port for connecting it to a monitor. Customers will be able to configure the PC with up to 8GB of DDR3 memory, and it will accept SSDs up to 512GB in size. Other specs include integrated Intel 515 Graphics, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and a Smart Card reader.

The ORWL is certainly one of the most secure PCs we've come across. However, it hasn't sacrificed design and usability in the process. It's a small and sleek mini PC, with enough power for the applications for which it's intended. Of course, if you don't follow smart practices when it comes to browsing the Web, any data on the ORWL could be just as vulnerable as on any other PC. But if you're worried about someone actually making off with your computer, the ORWL could be what you're looking for.