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OnTopReplica Helps You Pin Parts of Windows Up

With multitasking the standard of personal computing, screen real estate has become a precious commodity. Other than our browser, office apps, IM clients, media player, and who-else-knows-what, even 30" displays are hard-pressed to present everything in one go.

But we all know that it's only certain things that demand our full-time attention, and this is where OnTopReplica comes in. The nifty app lets select a specific region of a window, to be displayed as a thumbnail on top of your other programs.

Unfortunately, this is window-specific. Say you're using Firefox and you used OnTopReplica to block out a particular area where an online video is playing. Switching tabs on your browser will cause the thumbnail to show what's on the current tab. OnTopReplica is also a Windows-only utility, which requires Aero to work.

Despite this, OnTopReplica is worth a look. At the very least, it's free! Check it out and let us know