NYT Games rolling out Wordle Archive with access to over 1,000 puzzles

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The month of May seems to be when the New York Times Games adds new archives for the various games in the Games app. Last year it was past Spelling Bee puzzles, and in 2024 NYT Games is adding playable past Wordle sessions. 

Announced Tuesday, the Wordle archive is offering more than 1,000 Wordle puzzles for puzzlers to access. The NYT Games version of Wordle just hit 1,000 puzzles this past March.

The archive is only being offered to Games and All Access subscribers. Free users will not get access to the archives. 

In the announcement, NYT Games says that the Wordle archive is rolling out on both mobile and desktop, followed by the Games app. The rollout is expected to take place over the next couple of months. 

We checked our accounts, and had not yet received the archive as of this writing. But the company does say the Wordle archive will be available globally.  

The Times says that the Wordle archive will ensure that solvers can catch up on puzzles they missed and solve them at their own pace or enjoy more Wordle. 

“This expansion is not just about playing past puzzles; it’s about deepening the connection our community has with Wordle and with each other,” said Jonathan Knight, head of Games at The New York Times, in the announcement. “We believe this will make the daily puzzle even more engaging and provide even more moments of surprise and delight for our subscribers to share with friends and family.”

Wordle was acquired by the New York Times in 2022 and has been a fairly popular addition to the Games app ever since. 

In March, the app was redesigned with a focus on streamlined navigation and progress tracking. The Wordle archive seems like a natural step along that path. Is a Connections archive next? 

The Games app also announced that WordleBot is immediately available in the NYT Games app. After solving the day’s Wordle, you can see a link for WordleBot underneath your lifetime stats. The Bot analyses how you did that day and compares your performance to the average NYT Games solver. 

The WordleBot is both something of an AI you can pit yourself against and a stats tool for comparison. The media company says that the WordleBot is designed so “solvers can more easily challenge themselves to think about Wordle and how they could approach the game differently, compare their scores in order to assess their skills and strategies.”

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