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Netflix Streaming Expanding Into Canada

Ah Netflix, a true convenience of modern technology. With Netflix Streaming, that's dialed up another notch, thanks to the Internet. Currently, it can only be enjoyed by those in the U.S., but starting this fall, it'll be headed up north to where I am in Canada.

The subscription service today announced it will expand into Canada this fall offering unlimited movies and TV episodes streamed instantly to TVs and computers for one low monthly fee.

This won't mean that Netflix will be shipping DVDs and Blu-ray Discs cross-border, however, as the company is keeping this a streaming-only deal. I can already hear the sighs of relief from rental-mail services such as

Canadians interested in Netflix can go to and sign up to receive an email from the company when the service launches in Canada this fall.

  • ilockitdown
    This is really great news. :)
  • danimal_the_animal
    That's nice.

    WHERE IS MY NETFLIX FOR IPHONE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bpladirector
    I suppose this is nice for some Canadians, but I for one wont be enjoying this service due to a low bandwidth cap. I don't want to use as apparently they have horrible customer service and "lose" discs then charge the customer for the "lost" disc.

    Are there any mail DVD services in Canada that are not rubbage?

    I am curious though, how much bandwidth does it take to stream a typical movie with netflix?
  • KrisMRT
    Too bad my ISP will foreclose my house if I go over my cap.
  • danimal_the_animal
    Try this link
  • dogofwars
    Damn it's about time
  • Teen Geek
    danimal_the_animalThat's nice.WHERE IS MY NETFLIX FOR IPHONE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Who gives a **** about your iPhone?
  • captaincharisma
    Teen GeekWho gives a **** about your iPhone?
    i know i don't :)
  • mavanhel
    Any news on pricing? As well, I would be interested in how much bandwidth is required to stream a standard 45 minute show.
  • cloakster
    Amazing news...can't wait! :)