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New Neato Robot Vacuum Respects Your Boundaries

BERLIN — If you’re a clean freak, Neato’s new Botvac D7 will make sure you know exactly how your house was cleaned, on any device you have on you. The robot vacuum was unveiled here at the IFA technology trade show, and will release sometime in the fourth quarter of 2017 for $799.

Credit: Neato

(Image credit: Neato)

The Botvac uses Neato’s FloorPlanner scanning technology to create a map of its users home. In an app, you can set up “No-Go” lines to prevent the robot from cleaning in specific spots, and the iOS or Android app will give you a summary that lets you know which part of your house the robot wasn’t able to reach.

During a demo in one of the IFA halls, a representative drew the No-Go lines on an iPad, and the Botvac followed the directions exactly, not passing into a bedroom area or passing a table that it wasn’t supposed to.

The Botvac connects a wide variety of personal assistants, including Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, and a chatbot for Facebook, as well as integration with IFTTT to schedule cleaning. None of this functionality was on display. Additionally, the Neato App will also support the Apple Watch and Android Wear  to control the robot vacuum from your wrist.

Additionally, the iOS and Android apps let you manually drive the Botvac (great for scaring your pets) and receive notifications when cleanings are complete.

As for cleaning, the Botvac D7 features a D-shape to get into tight corners, stronger suction and filtering than previous models and has been designed to take care not to damage furniture.

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