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Modern Warfare 2 Censored in Japan, Germany

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will undoubtedly be this year's biggest selling game. It also might be one of the most controversial due to its "No Russian" level.

Infinity Ward posts multiple warnings before the player starts the game regarding the explicit level, giving players an option to skip it entirely without affecting the outcome of the game. Those who do play through the level can choose not to open fire on the civilian crowd, but doing so won't penalize the player either.

Things are different in the Japanese and German versions of the game. According to Kotaku, gamers who open fire on the civilians in the airport level will automatically fail the mission and will have to restart. Fingers will have to be off the triggers in order to progress successfully to the end of the stage.

While this does allow the gamer in Japan or Germany to experience the same horrific scene that other MW2 players do, the moral choice is removed.

For those of you who played through MW2, how did you approach this level and why?

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