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Cutting the Cord with Logitech Speakers

Graphical Measurements And Sound Quality, Continued

A very linear response with the sound quality of a top of the line system

A remarkable result, like previous Logitech models of the same category

The sound quality of the 5450 is consistent with similar Logitech systems, featuring coherent sound, precision, no audible distortion, and undeniable dynamic capacity. However, it is evident that the satellite loudspeakers are of a size that, although adequate, reduces the instantaneous dynamic performance a little when compared with a more imposing system. As always, it's a compromise, but the choice made for the 5450 seemed to us to be successful overall. The advantage of a full and detailed bass is that it offers high sound levels when necessary but also subtlety at more modest volumes. According to the acoustics of your room, you may need to adjust the bass level but, for the most part, satisfaction is guaranteed. For games and movies, the overall power output and the bass range create ambient sound capable of supporting the strongest emotions...

In Conclusion

The Z-5450 is a very good speaker system, powerful and capable of being adapted to a multitude of uses. It also scores points by virtue of its system of cordless connection to the rear satellites, which is a very practical feature. However, you have to realize that cutting these two cables comes at a price. This will be the weak point of this system, the balance between its market price and the importance that you give to this distinguishing feature. If cables don't annoy you particularly then be patient; Logitech will be releasing the wired equivalent of the same system a little later; the Z-5400 will have a substantially lower price - $299 instead of $499. Still, for the moment, if quick results are the order of the day, the increased price of the 5450 isn't excessive...