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Cutting the Cord with Logitech Speakers

Graphical Measurements And Sound Quality

With the 5450, we have launched a new method of measuring the maximum possible sound level; the old one was a little bit optimistic (even though it clearly enabled comparisons between products!).

Our new method is based on the same test signal as previously; pink noise filtered and manipulated by ourselves to resemble a musical signal. From here on in, our test source will be derived from a Creative X-Fi Elite Pro soundcard used in "Musical Creation" mode, which will then allow us to route the signal to all the available channels of the equipment under test. The audio system adjustments are all set to neutral position (or "middle" or "default", according to the nature of the adjustment and the options offered).

The settings of the Creative X-Fi Elite Pro soundcard

Strictly speaking, the measurement is achieved with the aid of an integrated sound meter permitting the calculation of the continuous equivalent Leq level. The duration chosen for this measurement is 10 seconds. The measuring conditions are those of a normal household room, a typical installation of the equipment under test, and a distance of three feet (1 m) between the front speakers.

The display of the measuring apparatus used (Neutrik ML1)...

Our new measuring method revealed a sound blast level of 108.9 dB SPL which is certainly loud - it should be enough to please anyone, and is in fact enough to disturb the neighbors, so don't forget about that either! The response curve of the 5450 is very evenly distributed with a slightly forward high register. The relative bass level is adjustable, so everyone will be able to find the level that's most suitable for them. Naturally, you'll need to accept a little lag between the subwoofer and the satellites, but that shouldn't be any real nuisance or even audible most of the time. On the bass side, the subwoofer covers the full spectrum very evenly: between 40 and 125 Hz you'll hear everything you need.