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Cutting the Cord with Logitech Speakers

A Classic Design, Continued

The satellites are all identical as far as acoustics are concerned, the rear cordless satellites being a bit different from the others in areas that we'll discuss later. Logitech has repeated its favorite formula for its top of the range products, with a 2½ inch (60mm) cone loudspeaker. Equipped with a nice polished-metal phase plug and a half-roll neoprene suspension, this lovely little loudspeaker is bass-reflex loaded, with a vent opening at the top of the enclosure. The satellites are all mounted on fixed-inclination stands, but by unscrewing the mounting, these stands can be pivoted and transformed into wall mounts. Naturally, the central-channel satellite is arranged horizontally, so it can be positioned easily either under or above the screen, but otherwise it's identical to the others.