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LG Offers First Curved 4K OLED TV

I took a look at the LG Curved 4K OLED at IFA 2014, and was impressed with what I saw. 4K picture on an OLED screen combines the best of both words, visually speaking. For those who don't follow TV specs religiously, 4K is as high as consumer TV resolution gets (4X regular HD), and displays crisp images without pixelation, even at close distances. OLED is a thin, organic film that can produce extremely colorful images and fluid animation, not to mention the deepest blacks (best contrast) on the market.

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As far as the curve goes, the jury is still out about this design quirk. Curves make TVs harder to manufacture and ship, but can theoretically give a better picture to a user sitting dead center. The difference is not generally noticeable until a TV set reaches about 100 inches, but it's not technically a bad thing in smaller models.

There's still a lot that we don't know about the LG Curved 4K OLED. We didn't get a chance to hear how it sounds, or play with its smart TV features (it will run the same WebOS as other LG TVs, though). The device has no set release date or price. However, a smaller 65-inch model will retail for about €5,000 ($6475) and release later this year.

Whenever it comes, the LG Curved 4K OLED is definitely on the way, and will probably cost a lot of money. If you want every bell and whistle in a TV, though, this may be about as close as you get.

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