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Get to the Laser Chopper!

If Arnold and co. had lasers in Predator, the movie would've probably gone a lot shorter. Think about it: what could a lone camouflaged alien do against a battery of laser guns, laser machetes, and laser... choppers?!

It's not what you think, although a helicopter with laser rotors would indeed be awesome. Instead, it's an unmanned quadrocopter that's powered remotely with laser beams. Photovoltaic cells (yep, solar panels) were hooked up to the quadrocopter's undercarriage. The cells converted the laser light aimed onto it into electricity, and managed to sustain the four rotors for a record-breaking 12 hours. 

The demonstration was held by last year's Space Elevator Games winner, LaserMotive. It's meant to show off the sustainability of their patented wireless energy transmission system. Based on the demonstration, it could power the next wave of aerial vehicles. Whether it'll be enough to power a chopper long enough to go deep into the Central American jungle to rescue an Austrian named Dutch, we'll never know.

[source: LaserMotive via sUAS News]