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iPhone Bendgate Is a Thing of the Past (Video)

Last year, some iPhone fans complained that their newly bought iPhone 6 and 6 Plus bent after placing them in their back pockets. Thankfully for the 13 million shoppers who handed over their money this past weekend for an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, history seems unlikely to repeat itself.

Warranty service provider Square Trade put the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus through a series of tests to see just how bendy and durable the new flagships were, and the results are impressive.

It took 180 pounds of pressure on the iPhone 6s Plus before it started curving, while the iPhone 6s yielded under 170 pounds. According to a Consumer Reports test last year, the iPhone 6 Plus started to deform (or curve) at 90 pounds of force, while the iPhone 6 bent under 70 pounds of pressure. Apple says it used the same 7000 series aluminum alloy on the new iPhones as employed in the aerospace industry, and that added durability clearly shows.

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Square Trade also dropped the iPhones on their corners, on their faces, dunked them in water, baked them and froze them. For good measure, Square Trade also tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The company found that all three handsets sustained minor cosmetic damage when dropped on their corners 10 times from 6 feet, but none of their screens survived a face-down fall.

All three phones also kept working under water, although the iPhones' speakers dropped out for a split second when it was submerged, but picked up again after awhile.

In extreme temperatures, however, the new iPhones weren't tops. While Apple's and Samsung's phones shut off within 30 minutes of being heated to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus conked out after 30 minutes and just over an hour respectively when cooled to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The Galaxy Note 5 lasted nearly two hours in the cold.