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iPhone 3GS Encryption Said to be 'Useless'

Apple's iPhone is the smartphone that has the consumer market more empowered than ever with convenient access to the internet. The device's ease of use makes it one of the most attractive solutions on the market, but the iPhone still hasn't been able to crack the business market owned mostly by RIM. Businesses continue to choose BlackBerry, and it seems it's for good reason.

According to Jonathan Zdziarski, an iPhone developer and hacker, the iPhone 3GS, even with its touted new encryption features, is nearly useless in securing sensitive information – one of the primary concerns for businesses adopting any new communications technology.

"If they’re relying on Apple’s security, then their application is going to be terribly insecure," he said to Wired. "Apple may be technically correct that [the iPhone 3GS] has an encryption piece in it, but it’s entirely useless toward security."

"It is kind of like storing all your secret messages right next to the secret decoder ring," Zdziarski added. "I don’t think any of us [developers] have ever seen encryption implemented so poorly before, which is why it’s hard to describe why it’s such a big threat to security."

Apple claims that many corporations and government agencies are adopting the iPhone, which makes the weak encryption claims particularly worrisome.

  • kelfen
    It is an apple product
  • Wayoffbase
    it's a toy, don't use it for important things.

    Best part for apple bashers is the fact that they tried to encrypt it and screwed up.
  • rigaudio
    Those Apple programmers have gotten too comfy. Programmers who create software that's routinely bombarded with viruses turn into good programmers. Or else.
  • Honis
    This is why you'll never see the iPhone used in the mass business market. I'm not even sure how it gets compared to a blackberry or even a Palm Pre in that regard.

    So, has anyone hacked into Steves phone yet?
  • Herbert_HA
    It is good for Apple to be in MS shoes, maybe they learn a bit or two about how hard you have to work when you are the target. Maybe better products will rise from that.
  • rigaudio
    Rab1d-BDGR"Apple's iPhone is the smartphone that has the consumer market more empowered than ever with convenient access to the internet. "Why is it that reports about apple products always have to sound like marketing? ...Even in an article about how they screwed up.Probably because it's true...the iPhone puts then net right in your hand. Give them some credit.
  • pocketdrummer
    Open the floodgates! Apple haters rejoice! Something not perfect from Apple!

    Seriously... isn't everyone tired of this yet? I'm not an Apple fanboy, nor am I a windows or linux fanboy. I just use what's right for me for a reasonable price.

    This horse is so beaten that I can't even tell it's a horse anymore....
  • anamaniac
    Why wouldn't you go for a blackberry in a business enviroment (or other suitable smartphone)?
  • one-shot
    iPhone gives some users a heightened sense of social status. Without the phone, they are nothing. With the phone, they are everything! I may go buy an Iphail right now!
  • tryceo
    Every piece of Apple is pretty useless.