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Behringer Shows Off a Pool-Safe Splash 100 Speaker

You may have heard about German professional audio company Behringer from its massive yet adequately named iNuke. The iNuke is one of approximately 50 new "Eurosound" products aimed at the average consumer. Among its army of new audio equipment was a cute little guy called the Splash 100, a waterproof speaker coming out later this year.

Unfortunately the demo model pictured above didn't have any sound, but we're assuming the sound quality will be pleasing considering the company's other products. We also didn't hear too much about the speaker but definitely caught enough to be interested, such as its consumer friendly $99 price tag.

The speaker will have a range of approximately 230 feet using a 900MHz RF signal and will be capable of 3.5 hours of playtime from its rechargeable battery. The Splash 100 also has three ultra bright LED mood lights and can be submerged underwater in case you have any koi fish that enjoy listening to music. No exact release date just yet, but keep an eye on Behringer's Eurosound page for updates or a look at the entire catalog of products.

  • el33t
    Perfect for an indoor jacuzzi chillout!!
  • ikyung
    First glance I thought that was like a volleyball that had a speaker inside it.
  • ProDigit10
    any closed speaker system with poly coned speakers is splash proof (until they're overdriven).
    Their soundquality should not be so great seeing their size, they're probably slightly better than regular newscast speakers (for talkshows and news);

    Don't expect 200W earthshaking sound out of this!
    I don't even expect it to come remotely close to their truth line of studio monitors in sound quality!
    Probably more comparable to desktop speakers.
  • eriko
    As an audiophile, I expect these to sound terrible..

    Agreed, just have a set of monitors brought out for a day in the sun...
  • michaelssw
    Unfortunately the demo model pictured above didn't have any sound

    Uh? That makes it a concept model, not a demo