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Report: iPhone 5 to Have Curved Glass Screen

The iPhone 5 rumors continue to roll on – but today we have a new one from sources inside Taiwan. Digitimes has word from the supply chain that Apple is going with a curved glass display for the next iPhone.

Apple has made curved glass products before with its iPod nano models, and it could be adopting the same kind of design cue into the next-generation iPhone.

The reports claims that Apple's manufacturing partners are reluctant to invest in the capital required for specialized glass production, so Apple has supposedly purchased 200-300 of such machines.

The glass cutting machines are now stored at assembly plants, but Apple is now working on other aspects of the glass production, such as materials and lamination.

Digitimes makes no mention whether or not there will be a convex curved screen (like the iPod nano) or if it'll be a concave curve (like there is on the Samsung/Google Nexus S).