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Prof. Predicted iPhone 4 Problems Before Launch

Apple has sold a huge number of iPhone 4s but antenna issues resulting from the new design marred the launch. Yes, it was quickly discovered that hands wrapped around the antenna break on the left side of the device would quickly kill the cellular reception. However, it seems a Danish professor had foretold that the new antenna would present a problem before the iPhone even came out.

On June 10 -- two weeks before customers got their hands on the iPhone 4 antenna and saw a sharp drop in reception -- Professor Gert Frølund Pedersen, an antenna expert over at Denmark's Aalborg University, expressed his concern over the new design aimed at improving signal for iPhone 4 users. Speaking to, Pedersen contested Steve Jobs' claim that this had 'never been done before' and predicted that aside from being old hat, the innovation might even cause problems.

"The actual circuit board works as a part of the antenna and the metal frame around the coupler signal into it. But it means that the user can not avoid interfering antenna system with its touch," ComON quotes Gert Frølund Pedersen as saying (Google translation via Slashdot).

"But the human tissue will in any event, have an inhibitory effect on the antenna. Touch means that a larger portion of the antenna energy turns into heat and lost. Thus becomes less efficient antenna to send and receive radio signals," he continued.

ComON goes on to suggest that the reason Steve had problems connecting to WiFi during the iPhone 4 keynote was because of the antenna issue. Pedersen says that there were so many other factors, it's not possible to arrive at such a conclusion, but he did concede the antenna may have contributed to the problem. The Professor suggests the best solution would be to add a second antenna, allowing for a back up, should one be covered.

Apple has yet to comment on Pedersen's comments to ComON.

  • house70
    yeah, but he's just a Professor, what does he know about the genius buried inside Stevie?
  • sliem
    Apple product has no design issue. It's the user's fault. You are holding it all wrong. Jobs is God. Obey.
  • chess
    I feel sorry for the Professor, he's gonna get a lawsuit coming his way
  • lamorpa
    The problem is the phone being held, and not laid on an alter and bowed down to ("You will bow down before me!")
  • borisof007
    Before reading this article, I actually never thought of Steve Job's connection issue and how it could have been possibly related to this whole antenna issue. Interesting!
  • gpace
    ***What does this professor know? Jobs has a PHD in genius and so his words must be followed. All the antenna research doesn't mean anything to the magic power Apple devices***
  • hellwig
    Not sure what "problem" people are even trying to solve here.

    Only a big clumsy oaf would hold the phone with their entire hand like some sort of uncivilized ape. You're supposed to rest the phone on your fingertips, and make sure to hold out your pinkie like a proper gentleman or lady does.

    Or better yet, since you already own the iPhone, just go for the bluetooth earpiece as well. Its not like people are gonna think you any less a douche for holding an iPhone to your head.

    As for holding the phone when not talking on it, that's what your iPad is for, silly Apple slave.
  • look at all the apple fan boys... hahaha jk but i kinda agree with artical i have an iphone 4 and mine broke day 1 of my having it and i was holding ti like i did when i had the old iphone 3gs which im using again because of this inconvenience issue....
  • Luscious
    Another reason not to buy into the hype. Proves again Apple's brainwashing campaign is targeted towards idiots with deep pockets. Glad I'm not drinking the Cupertino Kool-Aid.
  • jacobdrj
    Report: Man has surgery to fix problems with hand.
    Apparently, after a San Fransisco man purchased an iPhone 4, he realized that he was loosing reception when he placed his hands on the 2 signature metal antennae bars of the device. The man contacted Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, producer of the iPhone and other iDevices, the eccentric CEO known best for his most recent invention, the iRack. Mr. Jobs informed the man that he was 'holding the iPhone 4 incorrectly' and advised the man to 'hold it differently'. The man, who asked to reamain anonymous, did not know any other way to hold the phone. He proceded to consult a local phasician looking to see if there was a prosthesis he could use to prevent signal loss. After consulting a local engineering firm, they were able to conclude that with the installation of a simple metal spoke screwed into his forearm with an iPhone cradle soldered on the end could prevent iPhone 4 signal loss. The man stated "Obviously, Steve knows what he is doing whenever he releases a finished product onto the market. And if he says I am holding the phone wrong, despite not knowing any other way to hold the phone, it is obvious there was something terribly wrong with me. This solves all the reception problems. The iPhone is truly the greatest phone ever."

    Steve Jobs could not be reached for comment. But an Apple spokesperson responded. "We at Apple neither condone nor dissuade customers from changing their physical attributes with surgery to be able to use perfectly crafted Apple iProducts."