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iPhone 4 Fans Still Queuing Five Days Later

You might think people queuing up for product launches is silly. So, what would you think of those who are still queuing five days later?

We understand the desperate desire to be among the first to get your hands on a sparkly new gadget, but usually a preorder is enough for us. However, Apple launches are known for attracting die-hard fans who will preorder and then show up days early to line up outside their local store. More and more people will arrive with their Thermos flasks and sleeping bags as launch day draws closer. Once it's over, the line of tents disappears, new stock arrives and the more patient stroll in and pick up their device whenever they feel like it.

This year things are a little different. Yesterday was the first day of walk-in sales for AT&T stores and lines formed outside of AT&T locations early in the morning (CNet reports 5 a.m. in NYC). By 7:20 a.m., one NYC store was sold out of 32GB models and ten minutes later, staff said they wouldn't have enough phones left for everyone in line. Those left without phones were given the option of staying in line to sign up for a phone and be called later in the day when more became available.

One customer who decided to wait told CNet, "I don't mind. At this point I might as well wait. I really love the design of the Apple product," adding that he's there despite AT&T's rubbish customer service. "It's just ironic that I am waiting at an AT&T store where I've received the worst customer service."

Let us know if you queued up yesterday and got an iPhone; it sounds like they're in short supply everywhere. If you're planning on getting one, might we suggest calling ahead to be sure they have them before you leave the house?

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