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iPhone 4 Users to Miss Out on Some iOS 6 Features

Apple talked a lot about iOS 6 during yesterday's WWDC keynote. However, not all iPhone users will get full use of all those fancy new features unveiled at the Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this week. In fact, if you're rocking anything less than an iPhone 4S, you'll miss out on a few of the features Apple talked about yesterday.

According to Apple's iOS 6 pages, Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation, both features of Apple's new proprietary Maps software, will be available only on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later. Siri, as was always the case, is only available on the iPhone 4S and the newest iPad, and if you want to FaceTime over a cellular network, you better have an iPhone 4S or 3rd generation iPad.

Things are even more grim if you still have an iPhone 3GS, which came out two years ago, in 2009. While the 3GS will be getting iOS 6, it won't get Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation, Shared Photo Streams, VIP list and VIP and Flagged smart mailboxes, or Offline Reading List. Owners of the original iPad will also not be able to access these features.

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  • prince_david
    That's a shame. The iPhone 4 hardware is still good and I am sure could have handled it.
  • The Greater Good
    prince_davidThat's a shame. The iPhone 4 hardware is still good and I am sure could have handled it.
    That's the Apple way, though. Force people to upgrade good hardware.
  • halcyon
    Apparently Apple feels that it takes at least a dual-core to handle Siri. I guess they'd know.
  • watcha
    The Greater GoodThat's the Apple way, though. Force people to upgrade good hardware.
    As opposed to the Android way of simply denying them access to the entire operating system to force them to upgrade?
  • vertigo_2000
    Apple just dropped a steaming coiled pile of brown goo on their customer base.

    Apple, speaking to it's loyal fans - "We've got this great new OS upgrade. It's superior in every way, shape and form. You're going to want it. Everyone who will be able to use every feature of the new OS please take 1 step forward."

    Apple - "Whoa! Not no fast iPhone 3GS owners. But thanks for your money."

    Apple - "Slow down there iPhone 4 owners. But thanks for your money."

    Apple - "Stay where you are original iPad owners. But thanks for your money."
  • Netherscourge
    No SIRI on the iPad 2?

    The iPad 2 has the same exact hardware as the iPhone 4S - in fact, the A5 chip in the iPad 2 is clocked at 1ghz and it only runs at 800 mhz on the 4S.

    How can they not add SIRI to the iPad 2? Makes no sense other than a bully-marketing tactic to force a "New iPad" purchase...

    ...and they wonder why people love JAILBREAKING their iOS devices...
  • gnodeb
    Nice PR... Google and MS should learn something from Apple...

    Everybody will get "OS6" label, but new features will be available only on newest hardware...
  • DSpider
    Got screwed with an iPod touch 2G (which I bought in 2009 and in 2010 they cut support with iOS 4.2.1 being the highest supported). And now the cycle repeats for the very (un)fortunate recent iPhone 4 users. Great job, Apple!

    Lesson learned. I'm not buying an Apple product again.
  • what is the point of saying how great IOS 5 is or how many people using IOS 5 vs the competitors when people with older hardware can not use some of the new features? How is that different from android customers who has to buy a new phones so they can enjoy their ice cream? BS.
  • jn77
    This is why people should not invest in Apple.... Your fancy phone or tablet is out of date before it comes out and then, the hardware is soo obsolete that you can't get more than 1.5 major OS upgrades out of it. I guess technically android is the same at the moment, if you have a phone or tablet running cupcake (version 1.5) there is no way it will support jellybean, but you can root it and do what you want with it if you really want that software upgrade.