Apple Vs. Everyone Else: The Top 4 iPad Alternatives

The iPad Killers?

Similar to its iPod and iPhone product lines, Apple has found itself ahead of the curve when it comes to the iPad. Say what you want about the iPad hardware and software, but there isn’t much room for debate when it comes to the sales figures. Jobs & Co. sold 300,000 iPads on the first day of release back in April, over three million in the first 80 days, and analysts put 2010 sales close to eight million total units.

For all the Apple haters in the audience, there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you’ve been following Tom’s Tablet Chart, you already know that a slew of other tablets are either already available or in the pipeline for a 2010 or early 2011 release. So which tablets have the best chance of standing up to Apple in the coming months? We’ve picked our four favorite tablets, all of which have one or more striking qualities that will certainly give the iPad a run for its money.

For a rundown of all the tablets we know about that are worth mentioning, check out our comprehensive tablet chart.

Devin Connors currently works as a community manager for Rocket League at Psyonix Studios, but he was previously a senior editor at Tom's Guide, writing about gaming, phones, and pretty much every other tech category. His work has also appeared in publications including Shacknews, GameZone, The Escapist, Machinima, and more.