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Charge your EVs Wirelessly while you Drive

We all know the usual complaint against electric vehicles. Despite studies showing that the average commute will never drain an average EV's battery completely, we still hear the tired cries of "it'll run out before I get to work!" or "what if I want to go cross-country?!" Well, HaloIPT has a solution that will just shut all the naysayers up: Just build charging units on the road itself!

Ok, before you argue that it really doesn't solve the problem of poor battery life, just wait until you hear the whole story: see, HaloIPT specializes in building wireless energy transmission systems. They're proposing to place not just charging stations along the sidewalk, they want to line the entire highway with a row of charging units from end to end.

Sounds like a crazy plan, but think of the benefits. You no longer have to put in massive batteries, since the very act of driving powers up your car. Plus, since everyone would want to get the best wireless energy bang for their buck, we'd have fewer jerks swerving along the highway, with more people keeping to the proper lanes.

[source: DVICE]