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Google's Hacker-Thwarting Titan Is Now On Sale for $50

Google is now selling a security key bundle that could dramatically improve your security.

Credit: Google

(Image credit: Google)

Dubbed the Titan Security Key, the device can be hooked onto your keychain, and whenever you want to log into your computer, important accounts, and other areas, you'll plug the key into your computer.

So, for instance, when you want to log into an account, you'll input your password. But in addition to that, you can configure your account to check for the Titan Security Key. If it's inserted and verified, you'll get in. If it isn't, your account will remain locked and secured.

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The Titan Security Key Bundle comes with both a unit that can plug into your computer to verify your identity and a Bluetooth-enabled version that can wirelessly communicate with your smartphone, tablet, or computer and verify information.

Ultimately, the Titan Security Key, among others, aim at thwarting phishing scams that try to steal your identity.

A hacker might be able to obtain your password to access your information, but without your security key, they'll (hopefully) be out of luck. It's similar to having a smartphone securing your account and the hacker not being able to access your handset.

Google's Titan Security Key Bundle is available now on the company's online store for $50. It also comes with free shipping.