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Play 8-Bit Style with this Guitar Built from a NES

The 8-bit era had graphics and gameplay mechanics that would be considered simplistic by today's standards. However, it did have the most memorable tunes ever. Even the latest versions of Mario or Final Fantasy still feature the core melodies of their original themes. If you're a veteran gamer and are still hooked on the oldies, then this might be the guitar for you.

GetLoFi took an old NES console, some used guitar parts, and kitbashed them all into this super-retro NES guitar. It won't play games anymore, since they took out the 8-bit circuitry in favor of a solid oak base. At least they threw in some low-fi effects to give you an authentic retro sound. Check it out in the following video:

The NES Guitar is currently sold out, but if ever GetLoFi re-release it, expect to shell out $150. Whether you consider that a steal or a ripoff would depend entirely on your personal tastes and level of gamer geekiness.

[source: GetLoFi via Technabob and Gearlog]