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The Galaxy S10's Fingerprint Sensor Has This Small Quirk

The Samsung Galaxy S10 may be the ultimate Android phone, but it is not perfect. One of its key features, the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, requires a little trick for it to work as fast as it can.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Reliable rumormonger and Samsung expert Ice Universe says that, if you hard-press the screen to unlock the Galaxy S10, you are doing it wrong.

The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that covers the entire display, he says, works much faster when you caress it gently. If you press it, the unlocking will be slower.

He demoed how it works in this video:

In our own testing of the Galaxy S10 Plus, we also found that a gentle press works well. However, you can’t tap too quickly; otherwise, the phone will tell you leave your finger on the sensor a little longer.

The rumor whisperer also noted that you don’t need to turn on the screen in order for the sensor to work, unlike what happens with other phones like the OnePlus 6T. The moment you gently graze the screen of your dear black mirror, it will turn on and unlock automagically.

Samsung’s new flagship is available for pre-order now, and will launch on March 8 starting at $899 for the Galaxy S10 and $999 for the S10+.