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Fujitsu's New Solar Cells Also Harvest Body Heat

If the Matrix films are to be believed, the human body contains so much bio-electricity and thermal energy that robots can't help but turn us into batteries. Sounds fanciful, especially since we still depend on external power sources even to this day. Well, it may not be fiction for much longer; Fujitsu has built an organic solar cell that not only thrives under sunlight, but also your own body heat.

These hybrid photovoltaic/thermoelectric cells can draw power even from indoor lighting. At the same time, it can also turn your body warmth into additional power. Fujitsu hopes to develop the technology so that it can power the next generation of gadgets. At least, that's their official press release. While we're all for alternative power sources here, one can't help but think that this is hastening humanity's conversion to energy farms for our future robot overlords.

[source: Fujitsu via TreeHugger]