It's About Time: Briefcase with Fingerprint Reader

On sale from Chinavision: a leather briefcase with a fingerprint reader. The interior is lined with suede, while the lock also features a USB port for connecting to PC management software. Slide the lock cover aside, press your finger to the scanner, wait for the indicator light to go off, press the unlocking button, and you're set. As briefcases go, this Fingerprint briefcase looks a bit thick though.

Another quirk is that the fingerprint reader—requiring electricity to work—requires regular charging via USB. At least the battery should hold enough charge for around 600 scans, according to the product page linked below. Cynics will also quickly point out that no system is absolutely secure. But for those looking for relative security, or enough protection to defeat casual thieves, this briefcase should be enough.

The fingerprint briefcase currently retails for $386 from, "discounted" from $428. The more you buy, the more you save. Ordering two briefcases for instance gives an $18 discount. More details through the link below.

Fingerprint Briefcase ($386)