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Guitar Replaces Strings With Multi-Touch Screen

Meet the possible future of rock n roll: The Hyper Touch Guitar. Designed by Massimo Battaglia, this electric guitar concept is completely customizable to fit the musicians every rocking need. Rather than having standard strings, the guitar neck is equipped with a multi-touch screen that allows for absolute control in the number of strings, instrument style, sound and tone.

Hyper Touch Guitar musicians wouldn't have to worry about carrying around multiple guitars as this concept can transform into just about any sound enhancing electric guitar you could imagine. Battaglia's concept stays true to the classic electric guitar shape and would otherwise be indistinguishable from a regular electric guitar at a distance. But a closer look will reveal a futuristic, stylish guitar that allows a musician to remain flexible. Of course the satisfying feeling of holding down strings may take some time to get used to, so perhaps the Hyper Touch Guitar would be more preferable for the expert guitar heroes out there.